Notes From the Road, Fall 2010

I’m asked frequently “What trends do you see coming? What’s in, what’s out? What inspired you? I’m asked so often that I now ask myself that question regularly so that I’m prepared with a halfway intelligent sounding answer – But recently I’ve had a hard time answering myself. Rewind a year ago, two years ago – I had good clear answers! So what is wrong with me now that I can’t answer? I spent a rainy day trying to calm down and relax, and I found that indeed I had reasons, influences and trends. They just happen to be different than they used to be, and they seem so slight that I find it hard to bring myself to say they are trends – but they are as real as the desire for a butterfly or lodge inspired home once was.

DE4851A - 24"L Embroidered Fabric Pillow, 2 Styles DE6162 - 40"L x 20-1/2"W x 12"H MDF Trunk w/ Floral Print, Truck Ship ©

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