Notes From the Road, Spring 2014 (Final)

From the road…

After Turkey we flew back to Germany and did some business there too.

In summary, we were in 6 different countries in 10 days – it felt a bit like the movie “Around the World in 80 Days!” We’ve ended our journey back in familiar China – traveling on the new railway system here that has finally connected the most northern parts of China with the southernmost city where our offices are located.  Hungary II_NFTR

Our next release is going to be full of new surprises for everyone! Thank you all for allowing us to do what we love to do – you inspire us to keep creating!”

We’re looking forward to seeing you at the summer markets!

From the road… Tamra!

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Notes From the Road, Spring 2014 (Part 4)

From the road…

“We met a new friend, Ahmet, and his family – they are third generation rug weavers. I never knew there was so much to know about rugs! The best weavers in Turkey live in remote villages mainly in the regions of Anatolia. When working in the workshops that weave these intricate rugs, Ahmet and his family also gather and purchase old items from these remote villages. Kilim_NFTR

Kilim Rugs – these rugs are amazing and are true masterpieces! Their ages range from 80 – 100 years old! Kilim rugs are used as a way to communicate in many of these remote villages. Kilim rugs are like a language: people write about their dreams of being married, acceptance of marriage, future children as well as other wishes and dreams.  Continue reading “Notes From the Road, Spring 2014 (Part 4)”

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Notes From the Road, Spring 2014 (Part 3)

From the road…

The people we met along the way were amazing characters – each with their own story. Hungary is rich in history and they are not shy to tell you all about it!

We stopped at so many places and each time we stopped we found a new bread bowl or an old wheat sack with the family’s initials on the outside.

It was truly a unique experience and we hope our customers will enjoy the finds and the effort that went into hunting them down!

Then, because it simply was logical as it too ended in “y,” we were off to Istanbul, Turkey. In an hour and a half you can really be somewhere different! The world is amazing – Istanbul is HUGE – exotic and full of life! I used to think Europe was old until I wandered the streets and ruins found in Istanbul. There is no end to the shopping you can find there, but we had our sights on some old things as often old is better – it comes with a story.

Stay tuned to hear more about Istanbul, Turkey. We can’t wait to share our new release with you at the summer markets!

From the road… Tamra

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Notes From the Road, Spring 2014 (Part 2)

From the road…

“Who goes to Hungary the end of January? I now know not a lot of people it was freezing! What a beautiful country when it’s covered in snow, though. We saw a lot of the country in 5 days.


Hungary’s a very small country – about half the size of my home state of Oregon. We gathered some amazing found items that we will be introducing during the summer markets! Continue reading “Notes From the Road, Spring 2014 (Part 2)”

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