How do you votive?

The beauty of so many of our products is that they are open to interpretation. We will develop a piece of home décor and style it one way for our catalog photo shoot. Then our merchandising team puts their spin on things and displays it another way in our showroom. After that, all sorts of unique and amazing independent retailers integrate the item into their curated collection of goods. Finally, the individuals who purchase the item welcome it into their home to beautify their space in whatever way they see fit. One person’s fresh egg holder might be another person’s quirky earring tray. One person might see a perfect cheese spread while someone else will envision a display of succulents.

Creative Ideas for uses of votive holders!

In this post we take one item and show it three different ways. We would love to hear your ideas of how you would use this votive holder! Tell us what you think below.

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Flaire Displays with Flair!

After many requests to make our Flaire candle display available to customers, we listened and created a complete kit included everything needed to merchandise our USA-made, soy candles. We don’t mean to toot our own horn, but truth be told, this display package is an absolute steal!

Flaire Candle display for retailers

As much as we are impressed with ourselves for offering this display, we have been a hundred times as impressed with our amazing customers and their creativity in integrating the Flaire display into their beautiful stores! A few customers have been generous enough to send us photos of Flaire looking fabulous in their spaces. Take a look!

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