Notes From the Road / Flora and Fauna

The product development team is ready to head into fall! We finished up our summer with a long tour in Asia that included China and the Philippines. The Portland office is filling up fast with samples awaiting catalog photography. We are truly excited for you all to see the new release in January! There are still many details to finish up but soon, very soon, you will see what we’ve been working on the last 6 months.

take off!


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Creative Recipes / Watermelon Mint Salad

We like our salads filled with honey and fruit!  Not to mention yummy feta cheese. Don’t worry, we added fresh mint for to keep things green. These seasonal ingredients come together so wonderfully that there is hardly a dressing, just a simple drizzle of honey. You can pick up all of these ingredients at your local farmers market. All four of them! This recipe is about quality over quantity.  Smell and knock on watermelons (or whatever your system is) until you find the perfect one, get fresh local honey, spend a little more on the good feta, and find the mintiest mint. After that, the rest is easy!

honey watermelon mint feta salad

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3 Design Ideas – Vintage Tribal Sack

Our found vintage tribal sacks are undeniably stunning. That said, not everyone out there is in the market for a new sack 😉 We have had many requests from customers to share our ideas for creative uses of these bags. Since they are currently marked down as a show special at the moment, we thought this would be a great time to show off some great uses.

design inspiration with kilim bags

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