Notes From the Road, Fall 2010

I’m asked frequently “What trends do you see coming? What’s in, what’s out? What inspired you? I’m asked so often that I now ask myself that question regularly so that I’m prepared with a halfway intelligent sounding answer – But recently I’ve had a hard time answering myself. Rewind a year ago, two years ago – I had good clear answers! So what is wrong with me now that I can’t answer? I spent a rainy day trying to calm down and relax, and I found that indeed I had reasons, influences and trends. They just happen to be different than they used to be, and they seem so slight that I find it hard to bring myself to say they are trends – but they are as real as the desire for a butterfly or lodge inspired home once was.

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It’s OK today for people to express their individuality in their homes without constraining to a certain style. It’s almost as though a certain style or name of a style is no longer “in” – each person wants to create their own personal sanctuary filled with their favorite things that ends up being a unique haven. (Any place of shelter and safety; refuge; asylum.) Easy living is today’s traditional. Shades of whites with signs of time and painted accent pieces will continue to grow in popularity as people are feeling the need to lighten up and live more simply. We’ve encouraged a generation to dream – just think of how many signs alone we sold stating simply “Dream.” I believe some dreamt of their homes as they continue to become more imaginative, unique and colorful! Color has no boundaries – painted walls, vibrant fabrics, painted furniture items and accents with pops of color continue to be popular as long as they are not so specific that they can’t be blended into an individual’s own story within their unique home.Look outside – playing up the colors of the sand and sea or possibly the mountains and trees. Elements of Mother Nature are important ingredients in today’s home.Timeworn textures of antiques contrast beautifully with colorful and contemporary pieces. No more “Cottage” or contemporary – today’s trends allow you to enjoy both! Beauty, comfort and function seem to be important key elements when considering items within one’s home.

The most apparent element is that none of these influences or inspirations seems to be going away and no new toile trend seems to be on the horizon. It’s all a bit more practical, comfortable, subtle and personal in today’s home.

That concludes our inaugural “Notes from the Road” – we look forward to your inspirations, desires.

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