Notes From the Road, Spring 2011

Hello! Can you believe how fast the time goes by? Soon we will all be talking presidential elections and Holiday decorations once again! The world just keeps on spinning forward!!! I’m so glad we are all here together! I’m so very excited to write for several reasons; mainly, our next release is done!!!!! Yeah!! I don’t want to say too much, but even I am amazed at this next season’s release, and there is a lot of it!!! Much is certainly not the same as before – I’m so thrilled for you to see the new product at the summer markets. It’s really been a labor of love this season, and we are so pleased (albeit a bit nervous – as always) that the response from you will be as we all hope it will be. We have finished up in the “sweat house,” oops, I meant studio, for photography. This part of the season is always an interesting challenge, but strangely I find myself actually comforted with the process now. It is in the studio that we are able to put together the last of the details so that you can all actually see what it is we’ve been working on. Continue reading “Notes From the Road, Spring 2011”

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