Notes From the Road, Spring 2011

Hello! Can you believe how fast the time goes by? Soon we will all be talking presidential elections and Holiday decorations once again! The world just keeps on spinning forward!!! I’m so glad we are all here together! I’m so very excited to write for several reasons; mainly, our next release is done!!!!! Yeah!! I don’t want to say too much, but even I am amazed at this next season’s release, and there is a lot of it!!! Much is certainly not the same as before – I’m so thrilled for you to see the new product at the summer markets. It’s really been a labor of love this season, and we are so pleased (albeit a bit nervous – as always) that the response from you will be as we all hope it will be. We have finished up in the “sweat house,” oops, I meant studio, for photography. This part of the season is always an interesting challenge, but strangely I find myself actually comforted with the process now. It is in the studio that we are able to put together the last of the details so that you can all actually see what it is we’ve been working on.

From previous posts, we have introduced you to two “dear to my heart” artists we’ve been working with. Let’s have another big hello and hooray for Ms. Kelly Rae Roberts and An Englishman in LA, Mr. Jeff Cane!!!

Kelly Rae Roberts is a self-described artist, author, and possibilitarian. In the span of a few short years, Kelly Rae has built a large online following, created a profitable Etsy shop, written a best selling book, gotten published in multiple magazines, and launched a wildly successful gift collection.

DE7519 - 13"L x 9-1/2"H Iron Clock w/ Butterfly Wings & Girl Image (Finish Will Vary) ©

Kelly has a magical way of encompassing all aspects – heart, soul, what is possible in life and makes them tangible in her art and affirmations. I believe the new group of product will help all of our creative spirits soar!!! We think Kelly is a pretty big deal, and the line will be prominent in our upcoming collection “What Makes Your Heart Flutter?” To learn more about Kelly Rae Roberts, you can find her at And one more thing, it was Kelly’s dream to work with Creative Co-Op. Wow! We are lucky and so thankful!

How we happened to meet Jeff Cane (i.e. the “Angel Man”) I find interesting. Actually I’ll give all credit to our EVP, Lee Wang. I often tease Lee about his product touch – for a multitude of reasons… Anyway, Lee saw some original artwork in a store, liked it and felt I might like it too. He wrote down an email address, gave it to me to inquire, AND THEN he actually asked me about it again? Hmmm… Initially I was more intrigued by Lee’s reaction to the artwork; this is really what led me to investigating further. The art truly touched me as well… a year later we have a group of product that I feel is very special. Thank you Lee! (Or maybe it was the angels?)

DE7370A - 8-1/4"H Canvas Covered Journal w/ Angel Image, 3 Styles ©

The photographs of these angels are about to touch you all! They are simply magical – people seem to be drawn to them in special ways. Have a look at Jeff’s website and see some of his original artwork at

This season you will see some changes that we are making in product and within the 2011 Home Décor Vol II catalog (available late June 2011). Specifically, we have purchased some true one-of-a-kinds. Some are antique reproductions that come out slightly different each time and their characteristics need to be highlighted. Others might simply be handmade and we are unable to produce identical items each time. We will be pointing these types of items out in the 2011 Home Decor Vol II catalog. We will also highlight these special handmade or one-of-a-kinds within the showrooms so that the stories behind our items and collections are an inspiration for us all!

There are numerous items this season that are true antiques! We purchased all that were available had them refurbished and are able to offer them in our 2011 Home Decor Vol II catalog. It just blows my mind that we could find enough to warehouse and sell to you! The world can be really big sometimes – it makes my shoe collection seem so small! (Yes, it usually all comes back to the wardrobe.) Some items we were able to find more of than others, and most, when they are gone – they are gone. We realize that some of these items are not for everyone. However, these additions give us an additional unique characteristic. Plus, it adds excitement! The thrill of getting a true treasure that can’t be duplicated is rare, and we feel it adds another layer of interest to our collections. Several items have size ranges or slight color variations – this is part of their charm. Just like people, they come in different sizes and shapes!

It’s interesting to me that we have two new artists that are both all about soulful, spiritual, inspirational (call it what you want) perspectives. The world needs more of this today, and it’s important for all of us to understand this simple fact. We’ve been able to present these positive forces in a manner that is comfortable, subtle, creative and very trendfull (I know it’s not a word but it should be). I can’t wait for all of the new items to touch you all as they have touched us the last few months.

From the road…Tamra

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