Notes From the Road, September 2011

Hello!  It’s been a long hot summer, but it’s gone by so, so fast! This past summer show season came and went in the blink of an eye! Before I knew it, it was once again time to put the finishing touches on January 2012 new releases for Creative Co-Op.

 Each season I try to pick a “theme,” purpose or target focus for development based on comments from our customers, our sales force, things happening in our industry and the economy. I personally find this helps me stay true to task – a bit easier than no focus at all, wouldn’t you agree? As those of you that know Creative Co-Op’s product well, often the focus is broad. But, believe it or not, there is usually meaning to the start of so many of our items. I know this may seem farfetched – but for a gal that often has to convince her husband of the true meaning and purpose of her latest boots, jacket or handbag purchase, this comes quite naturally to me. I also believe this theory has served us all quite well. I’ve often thought back a couple of months to a customer that approached me with a big hug this last show season and then explained if it wasn’t for Creative Co-Op, she couldn’t have made it through this last year – she had come to depend on our products to make it through. I’ve thought a lot about this customer and the fact that many people do count on us for so much – our customers, our sales people, our employees, and so on. There is indeed deep meaning in what we do and the lives it ends up touching. I’ve heard comments before where some of you naturally wonder what are the uses with these products? It can be about giving the right kind of gift. For others, it’s the need for their personal space to feel beautiful and unique so that they can be the best individual that they can be. I take these thoughts to heart and truly feel there is deeper meaning in most of life’s easily overlooked “simple things”.

This season I borrowed a phrase from Kelly Rae Roberts, “Become a Possibilitarian,” as my mantra. To sit back and see what is possible with our product, to open my mind up to some suggestions and ideas that have been tugging at me and see what indeed is possible… I think you will be pleased with the mixture of items we have coming in January 2012!!! I am really, really excited for you all to see them. The focus this season couldn’t help but be influenced by the world around us today. It’s hard sometimes to be a true possibilitarian in today’s world, but because of this I think it’s important that we all try to open our minds up even a bit wider than we may have had to in the past. This current “mantra” that I’ve adopted thanks to Kelly passing on a quote from Dr Norman Peale: “Become a possibilitarian. No matter how dark things seem to be or actually are, raise your sights and see possibilities—always see them, for they’re always there.” I love this and encourage us all to grab on to at least part of this meaning!! So, with this as my focus and meaning behind this season’s development you’re going to find some fresh new items from Creative Co-Op!

Items that can bring joy or just a smile. Items appropriate for gift giving. Items perfect to use when gathered with friends for a homemade lunch or girlfriend tea. Items perfect for memory making family dinners. Items with an heirloom look and quality. Items with multiple functions easily used to personalize a space. Items with more color. Items with sentiments and inspirations to encourage and comfort.

For our Christmas line there too you will see some small additions and influences from this current focus of all things possible. A bit more whimsical interpreted in several ways as we all need to get away from the everyday at least once a year and embrace the magic that only the holiday season can bring! Paper items to adorn and personalize your homes. Dress up…even for grownups! And don’t fret! The continued functional and traditional items you’ve all come to count on us for will, of course, also continue to be there. 

I hope you all enjoy the “teasers.” I wish for each of you that you are able to imagine all of the possibilities…become a possibilitarian!!!

From the road…Tamra

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