Notes From the Road, Spring 2014 (Part 2)

From the road…

“Who goes to Hungary the end of January? I now know not a lot of people it was freezing! What a beautiful country when it’s covered in snow, though. We saw a lot of the country in 5 days.


Hungary’s a very small country – about half the size of my home state of Oregon. We gathered some amazing found items that we will be introducing during the summer markets!

Hungary has a long history of antiques. Many of the people that deal in antiques in Hungary gather the antiques from many different countries (such as Slovenia and Romania), then bring them back into central locations within Hungary.

We fell in love with the herds of reindeer and roe deer that we saw along the way… and they have jack rabbits that are the size of small children! The snow allowed us to see so much more than we would have seen if they were blending into the forest that covers much of the flat basin in Hungary.

The roads were icy, so to help us all to try not to think about it as much we would play find the deer or find the pheasant.

We found so many! It’s very exciting to add this new layer of found items to our mixture of products that we offer. Having old items that have stories behind them simply can’t be replaced – they are great conversation pieces in the home and each one is truly one of a kind. We handpicked each one of these over the course of 5 days in about 20 different locations.”

Stay tuned for more notes from the road. You can see our new product release starting this summer at market.

From the road… Tamra

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