Notes From the Road, Spring 2014 (Part 3)

From the road…

The people we met along the way were amazing characters – each with their own story. Hungary is rich in history and they are not shy to tell you all about it!

We stopped at so many places and each time we stopped we found a new bread bowl or an old wheat sack with the family’s initials on the outside.

It was truly a unique experience and we hope our customers will enjoy the finds and the effort that went into hunting them down!

Then, because it simply was logical as it too ended in “y,” we were off to Istanbul, Turkey. In an hour and a half you can really be somewhere different! The world is amazing – Istanbul is HUGE – exotic and full of life! I used to think Europe was old until I wandered the streets and ruins found in Istanbul. There is no end to the shopping you can find there, but we had our sights on some old things as often old is better – it comes with a story.

Stay tuned to hear more about Istanbul, Turkey. We can’t wait to share our new release with you at the summer markets!

From the road… Tamra

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