Notes From the Road, Spring 2014 (Part 4)

From the road…

“We met a new friend, Ahmet, and his family – they are third generation rug weavers. I never knew there was so much to know about rugs! The best weavers in Turkey live in remote villages mainly in the regions of Anatolia. When working in the workshops that weave these intricate rugs, Ahmet and his family also gather and purchase old items from these remote villages. Kilim_NFTR

Kilim Rugs – these rugs are amazing and are true masterpieces! Their ages range from 80 – 100 years old! Kilim rugs are used as a way to communicate in many of these remote villages. Kilim rugs are like a language: people write about their dreams of being married, acceptance of marriage, future children as well as other wishes and dreams. 

These dreams are all able to be read within the weavings. Older women often weave about in-laws, husbands and tribe alliance. We purchased a number of these old rugs and had them slightly refurbished, cleaned and made into beautiful one of a kind pillows.

Cotton Kilims – not quite as old, but truly amazing. The colors that the cotton gives these natural vegetable dyes are amazing.

Hemp Kilims – these kilims are for everyday use. Not fancy and 100% hemp – the patinas and thickness of these kilims are something you simply must see.

Tribal Sacks – these are woven usually by the wife (or future wives), and the tribal sacks carry wheat or animal feed on nomadic journeys. They are all anywhere from 50 – 100 years old, and each one contains different motifs that carry different meanings. For example, the symbol that resembles an “S” means love – she was wishing him love as he left on his journey!

Nomadic Stripe Rugs – these were used when people traveled and placed in front of the tent (right inside). The thickness of the weave and the type of materials they used for these keep snakes and scorpions away – I named them the no snake rugs! We’ve taken these rugs and made them into pillows as well – these are my personal favorites. They look like vintage horse blankets on steroids! Simply amazing finds.”

Stay tuned for more notes from the road and see these inspirations for yourself at the summer markets!

From the road… Tamra

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