Notes From the Road / Paris 2015

Just as soon as the Atlanta, Dallas, and Las Vegas shows wrapped up, our product development team jumped on a plane to Paris, France. Creative Co-Op is dedicated to continually bringing our customer creative and innovative products. We travel the world to scout for inspiration, trends, and one-of-a-kind vintage pieces. Here are some photos and notes from our first stop in the city of love.


Such inspiration! The French simply know how to make the everyday look better than most. Vive la France! We can’t wait to work on some new ceramic table top ideas from all the inspiration here.

blog_image_double_01 Walking the streets in Paris.


Be still my heart! Making friends along the way. Tank would be jealous!


Headed to the flea on the Paris metro!


Getting away from the hustle and taking in the sights to free up the mind to be creative. We love what we do!

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