In the studio with Chad Barrett

Our newest release, Curated Gatherings, features inspired wall art by Georgia based artist Chad Barrett. We love his expressive style and eye for subtle color and composition. Chad graciously took us on a tour of his stunning studio and shared his inspiration and creative process, not to mention his guiltiest food indulgences. We hope you enjoy getting to know Chad as much as we have!

Artist interview with Chad Barrett for Creative Co-Op. Still life in library.

What themes inspire your work?
The incredible beauty of nature, architectural details and classical elements have always been the primary inspiration for my sketches, watercolors and paintings.  I believe this influence has partially stemmed from growing-up in the North Georgia Mountains—I began taking art lessons at the age of 7—and later attending the Savannah College of Art and Design, which is located in a city that is steeped in historical and architectural diversity, plus has pristine marshlands and scenic coastlines nearby.  As an adult, I’ve had the opportunity to travel throughout the United States and abroad, and always have my sketchbook and paintbrushes in hand.

What is your favorite Creative Co-Op product?
Personally, I like how creative and eclectic the products are.  One of my absolute favorite products is the decorator paper.

What medium do you work in?
Most of my work is mixed media.  It’s a combination of acrylic paints, vine charcoal, pastels, gold leaf painted on paper and sometimes, wood or canvas.

Do you have any other creative outlets?
Yes – sumo wrestling, sword fighting, and square dancing while whistling catchy tunes…  Actually, the only part of the first sentence that is true is my innate ability to whistle virtually any song, but it does provide a hint regarding one of my other creative outlets: humor.  In a good natured way, I absolutely love to see the humor in all things and I’m always trying to make those around me laugh as frequently as possible.  Other outlets include throwing a good dinner party and mentoring other artists.

Artist interview with Chad Barrett for Creative Co-Op. Portrait of Chad.

Artist interview with Chad Barrett for Creative Co-Op in the studio paint brushes in a cup.

How does the place that you live/work inspire your creative pursuits?
My home and the studio where I work are both historic warehouses that were built at the turn of the 20th century.  Architecturally, both environments naturally make ideal studios as they have high ceilings, large windows and has a feel that is casual and eclectic.  Besides being surrounded by a library of books, paintings and curiosities, I am very fortunate to share a studio space with dear friends – one is a fellow artist who works in the same industry and the other is an accomplished sculptor.

What is your favorite meal?
Some would say that ice cream is my kryptonite.  However, to me food is more about a shared experience and for that reason, I would pick a traditional Southern low-country boil that has been prepared and enjoyed outdoors with family and friends (accompanied by a good cocktail).

Who inspires you?
I have always admired John Singer Sargent’s works, but in all honesty, I would say that I am most inspired by all artists who have the passion and tenacity to make art their profession.

What is your favorite place that you have traveled?
It seems that the most difficult question has been saved for last.  I love to travel, nationally and internationally, and value each destination for different reasons.  I remain enamored with Savannah, Georgia, and have never met a beach that I didn’t like, but my most memorable and inspiring trips likely would be to Maine’s DownEast region and Paris, France.  The unspoiled forests, coastline and starlit night skies of Maine are amazingly beautiful and serene.  As far as Paris – the history, culture, architecture and flea markets are phenomenal on many levels.

Artist interview with Chad Barrett for Creative Co-Op. Paintings and wallpaper prints.

Artist interview with Chad Barrett for Creative Co-Op in the studio with paint cup.

Here are a few of Chad Barrett’s paintings for the Curated Gatherings collection. Keep an eye out for more in the coming seasons!

chad_painting__05 chad_painting_01 chad_painting_02 chad_painting_03 chad_painting_04 chad_painting_06

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