How do you votive?

The beauty of so many of our products is that they are open to interpretation. We will develop a piece of home décor and style it one way for our catalog photo shoot. Then our merchandising team puts their spin on things and displays it another way in our showroom. After that, all sorts of unique and amazing independent retailers integrate the item into their curated collection of goods. Finally, the individuals who purchase the item welcome it into their home to beautify their space in whatever way they see fit. One person’s fresh egg holder might be another person’s quirky earring tray. One person might see a perfect cheese spread while someone else will envision a display of succulents.

Creative Ideas for uses of votive holders!

In this post we take one item and show it three different ways. We would love to hear your ideas of how you would use this votive holder! Tell us what you think below.


Wouldn’t this be fun for an outdoor birthday party? Here we used classic white votive candles and filled the wooden tray with tasty wrapped candies. This centerpiece will lighten and brighten, not to mention give all of your guests a nice sugar buzz. 😉

votive holder with candy and candles


There are many everyday items that can moonlight as festive holiday decorations.  Here, we filled the votive holder with fresh winter greens (which smell amazing – bonus!) mini mercury glass ornaments, and 25 individually wrapped and numbered gifts for the countdown to Christmas! This could be a great holiday tradition that you can change and customize each year.votive holder as a creative version of an advent calendar

votive holder as a creative version of an advent calendar


Who says a votive holder has to hold votives? We see people use some of our “votives holders” as anything from snack servers to mini terrariums. In this example, we filled the votives with fresh spring flowers and whole hazelnuts for a bright and earthy decoration. How perfect would this be at a wedding. You can customize it to work with almost any décor theme.

votive holder with mini flower bouquets and hazelnuts


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