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We like our salads filled with honey and fruit!  Not to mention yummy feta cheese. Don’t worry, we added fresh mint for to keep things green. These seasonal ingredients come together so wonderfully that there is hardly a dressing, just a simple drizzle of honey. You can pick up all of these ingredients at your local farmers market. All four of them! This recipe is about quality over quantity.  Smell and knock on watermelons (or whatever your system is) until you find the perfect one, get fresh local honey, spend a little more on the good feta, and find the mintiest mint. After that, the rest is easy!

honey watermelon mint feta salad

honey watermelon mint feta salad


1 large watermelon
1/4 cup crumbled feta cheese
3 Tbs honey
fresh mint  leaves

Fetta cheese and mint


Cube watermelon and add to large bowl. Crumble feta cheese into watermelon. Chop mint and sprinkle onto salad. Drizzle honey to taste and use two large spoons to mix ingredients together just a little bit. Serve chilled! We, of course, suggest serving this salad in our ceramic honeycomb bowls.

honey watermelon mint feta salad


yellow and grey honeycomb bowls
ceramic bowls with honeycomb design
honey pot with wooden handle
honey comb jar with wooden dipper



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