Notes From the Road / Flora and Fauna

The product development team is ready to head into fall! We finished up our summer with a long tour in Asia that included China and the Philippines. The Portland office is filling up fast with samples awaiting catalog photography. We are truly excited for you all to see the new release in January! There are still many details to finish up but soon, very soon, you will see what we’ve been working on the last 6 months.

take off!


Up, up and away – leaving Hong Kong for the Philippines. First stop, the lively city of Manila! I love the contrast between new and old in Manila. Traffic is unlike anything in this town – 7 miles can take well over an hour on Friday afternoon!  We try to beat the traffic so I usually plan my trips there on the weekends. We head out at 7am and get back to the hotel at 10PM.

guard dog!

Always eager to meet us at the hotel is our very fierce guard dog!! I feel so much safer now. Isn’t he the cutest? His name is Andy and I’m always glad to see him each time I return to Manila.

kitties in asia

My grandmother used to chastise my grandfather and I for carrying on about the birds and plants in the yard. She’d always say “enough with the flora and fauna you two!”  Well, I just can’t help it. I always seem to seek out the creatures in any given place. These are just a few of the sweet Manila kitties I met along the way!

crazy weather!

Back in China – weather this time of year can be quite fierce!  We were stuck for a couple days in what, we felt, was a pretty scary typhoon.

floating cars

We watched cars float by the hotel from the 25th floor! We were glad to finally see things stop flying around.

Cindy and Tamra in the new CCOI sleigh

There is always time for a little fun. Here we are testing out the new CCOI sleigh! If Cindy and I can fit, then Santa and an elf can surely fit! What a great display piece this is going to be for our customers.


A sneak peak of new ceramics to come. It is still amazing to me how truly hand-made so many of our items continue to be today.

ccoi team in asia

Meet Team CCOI! It was a girl only lunch this time around. This is our marvelous team in our Shenzhen China office. This great group of ladies, plus four gentleman that were off collecting the last of our samples, make up what I fondly refer to as team CCOI!  I’m proud of them all and we really appreciate all of their efforts. We couldn’t do it without them!

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