In the Studio with Kellie Montana

Kellie Montana is free-spirited southern girl with a love for the English countryside. She has been a licensed artist with Creative Co-Op since 2013 and, this spring, contributed a charming collection of jewelry to the most recent Embellish catalog. Take a tour of her vibrant studio and read about what inspires her creative process.

Kellie Montana for Creative Co-Op

What themes inspire your work?

I grew up on a farm in rural Tennessee so I am attracted to farm animals, wild flowers, trucks, camping, and anything that represents the happiness of simple living.


What are your favorite Creative Co-Op product that you have been involved with?

The giant sheep!  Her name is Pinky Dickens.  I met her in England and seeing her life size makes me smile.


Do you have any other creative outlets?

I have recently started making metal and ceramic charms from my sketches.  I am obsessed!  Transformation is my favorite creative element and mud becoming pretty shiny metal and glass is really fun.


How does the place that you love and work inspire your creative pursuits?

The outdoors inspire because it is the only time my mind is clear to really see the world around me.  I always wanted to see the English Countryside.  Recently, my husband and I spent 10 days walking 100 miles in the Cotswalds.  My latest collection of animals came from that trip and many collections to come will be inspired by that trip.



Kellie Montana for Creative Co-Op

Kellie Montana for Creative Co-Op

What is your favorite meal?

Butternut squash ravioli!  My birthday is in October and it’s always my birthday dinner request


Who inspires you?

My earliest imagination was inspired by the works of J.R.R. Tolkien with “The Hobbit”.   JK Rowling’s work has been inspiring me since my late 20’s.  Many of my Creative Co-op collections were painted while listening to her books


Tell us about your studio.

My studio looks a lot like my work, bright and fun.  I have rented commercial studio space for many years because I lived in a small condo in Downtown Nashville.  My Husband and I recently moved to the country and I am in the process of building a custom studio in my backyard.  It is going to have glass garage doors so I can feel like I am working outside!  I have allowed my creative life organically evolve in whatever direction it takes me.  Since my working relationship with Creative Co-Op started, I have put images on fabric, metal and glass.  I have learned sewing, metalsmithing and ceramics so I need a studio to grow with. Who knows what i could be working on next!”

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Kellie Montana for Creative Co-Op  Kellie Montana's StudioCo-Op

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