Mother’s Day Gifts for the Garden Mom

She’s the mom with the green thumb. She loves being outdoors, working on her plants, and smelling her fresh flowers. The Garden Mom enjoys the simple things, like the beauty of nature and growing new life. With her biggest hobby being her garden, there are definitely things you can get her to make her life easier. This Mother’s Day, get her a gift that lets her know that your life wouldn’t be the same without her! To help you, we’ve put together a list of a few things any Garden Mom will be sure to love. Check it out!

Glass Plant Mister

Is your mom still using kitchen pitchers to water her precious plants?! Grab her this cute plant mister and change her gardening days forever! This gift will show her that you admire how much work she puts into her garden, and will help save her time and energy!

Round Terra-Cotta Planter (or any planter!)

Since your mom spends a ton of time outside, give her a new pot or planter to put her beloved plants in! A colorful planter can add so much to a garden or backyard, so your mom will get great use out of it! Plus, it will make her feel special that you admire her gardening! We have a wide selection of pots and planters, so you will be able to find her a pot that fits her unique style!

Decorative Hanging Planter

No matter how much your mom loves being outside, she still spends a good amount of time indoors. Buying her a nice hanging planter she can hang inside her home is a good way to bring her gardening talents inside! Whether it be for guests to admire, decoration, or just for her, a planter inside makes it easy for her to enjoy her hard work even when she’s relaxing!

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