Behind the Scenes: Launching the Autumn/Winter Collection

It’s hard to believe that it’s almost time for the summer show season to begin! We can’t wait for you to see our new product launch this summer!

Our product development team has been dreaming, planning, creating, and diligently sourcing each of our products to create a breadth of styles and trends. Traveling to and working with different countries allows us to bring a wide array of materials and styles into our different collections. We really love the idea of having a diverse product range that allows our customers to mix and match products to meet their needs.

The development cycle is lengthy, but when items are finally selected to become part of the line, the photography samples begin to arrive!!! Unpacking the boxes feels like Christmas as the office here in Portland finally starts to see final products! The whole vision starts to become apparent as each sample arrives. Samples are organized by collection on metal rolling carts (or boxes when we run out of carts) and wait for their turn to be photographed.

Working around so much product during photography time can be a challenge. Our office is quite small and when it fills up before photography it becomes…  well, interesting… but we love the excitement the new product brings and welcome the space challenges.

Photos of new products, fresh images of favorite existing items, catalog covers, section titles, as well as social media and industry ads are all created in our studio! Our product styling team carefully selects props, fresh florals, and plants that are used as accents for the new products throughout the weeks of photography to set the mood of the upcoming collections and catalogs.

It can be a challenge deciding what collection to place some of our items into, as so many can go in multiple groupings. We work hard to develop items that are diverse and able to fit into most any setting. Sometimes the choices seem endless! But at some point, we have to decide on what our looks will be for the upcoming season’s style and direction.

We are so excited for you to see the new product line and we hope to see you all at the summer markets. Our style team is already hard at work setting up the showrooms for the season!

Market time is always an exciting time as we see all our hard work come to fruition; watching our customer’s responses is the very best part! We take our customers’ success seriously and love meeting and talking to each of you.

You can find the summer market schedule here and find your local sales representative here.

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Behind the Scenes: Home Décor, 2017 Vol. 2

Shooting photos for our catalogs takes many, many hours – weeks, even – but the best days are the ones where the shoot involves a road trip. For the Havana and Waterside collections this season, our “studio” was on the coast near Gearhart, Oregon.


Setup for the each of the shots actually takes a bit of time. What might look like a scene you’ve just happened upon while strolling on the beach more often than not has been arranged and rearranged, with the art director stepping back to peruse and consider, which then means more rearranging…

Behind the Scenes 2     Behind the Scenes 1    Behind the Scenes 3

But along the way, amidst all the hard work and long hours, there’s always a little play time.


We think our catalogs look better than ever! With more than 800 new items in this season’s Home Decor and Flaire catalogs, we hope you enjoy thumbing through them and shopping for new items as much as we did sourcing and shooting our new products.

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Notes From The Road / Asia Summer 2016


As soon as the weather is as hot and humid as possible, our product development team jumps on a plane and heads to Asia! While the weather isn’t ideal, we have such an amazing time meeting with vendors and seeing the sights that we don’t mind. We work with a huge variety of manufacturers all over the world to be able to bring you all a high quality and broad reaching product line every season. Many manufacturers use traditional artisan techniques and often their companies are a small family affair. One example of a unique product and a strong relationship with its manufacturer is our Corrugated Metal and Wood Decorative Awning. We were able to document part of the production of this item below. Just wait until you see the end product!

This photo was taken in Fujian province, China. We love seeing such beautiful diverse landscapes as we travel throughout Asia.


This manufacturer has lots on interesting projects in the works. They specialize in larger wood items that are inspired by French antiques.


This is the frame of the awning being built. After the frame is built, many steps go into making the final product including adding many layers of wood, metal, and paint to add patina.


So many beautiful future awnings!


Viola! This is the final product. This awning is 8 feet long. The customer feedback has been overwhelmingly positive so far. Imagine it as a statement fixture above a table of merchandise.


Here is the awning in our Atlanta showroom during the summer market. We think it looks just lovely with the rest of the Botanist collection.

See full product details

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Notes From the Road / Paris and London

Bonjour! Welcome! We recently returned from a month long product trip across the pond looking for inspiration and new ideas. From glamorous home décor shows to flea markets to roadside car boot sales, we scoured France and England to find vintage artwork, color inspiration, and antique items that will all add something unique to our next season’s offering. Merci! Enjoy!

Notes from the Road London and Paris

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Notes From the Road / Flora and Fauna

The product development team is ready to head into fall! We finished up our summer with a long tour in Asia that included China and the Philippines. The Portland office is filling up fast with samples awaiting catalog photography. We are truly excited for you all to see the new release in January! There are still many details to finish up but soon, very soon, you will see what we’ve been working on the last 6 months.

take off!


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Behind the Scenes / Home Decor Vol. 2

We were so in love with the rattan open wing chair when it arrived that we knew it had to grace the cover of our new catalog. That decision was easy. Getting the right photo, on the other hand, was a whole other story. Take a look behind the scenes of our most recent photo shoot in downtown Portland and on the Oregon coast.

behind the scenes of our home decor photo shoot

Our not-so-cooperative model, Tank and adventures in the Pacific ocean.

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Notes From the Road / China and Vietnam

Our product design team recently spent almost two months in Asia scouting amazing new products and meeting with favorite partners to bring our newest home décor  collection to life. In Vietnam we found extraordinary hand woven baskets and furniture, as well as a very a unique collection of bamboo products that we can’t wait to show you! Much of our time in China was spent exploring new glazes, painting techniques and finishes that will enhance our rapidly expanding ceramic offerings. Even with a packed schedule, the team always has their eye out for inspiring sights while traveling. Our next collection could be inspired by something found while taking in a vibrant city scene, walking through lush local flora, or exploring bustling local markets. Though, we have to say, one of the most welcome sights we did see was a very familiar one that always means a good cup of coffee is close at hand.

Beautiful stack of clay pots.

Getting ready for the oven! The beautiful traditional pots will all look very different once they are glazed and fired. It is always inspiring to see the craft behind these ceramics.

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