Featured Artist: Angela Staehling

Angela Staehling has been an artist for as long as she can remember! She spent time early in her career working as a graphic designer for several advertising agencies. Eventually, she returned back to her love of painting and started creating art for home décor products. Twenty years later, she continues to do what she loves and is looking forward to working on more inspiring collections.

She lives in St. Louis, Missouri with her husband, three teenage children, and two cats. Angela began working with Creative Co-Op four years ago and has had numerous well-loved collections with us.

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What are your favorite Creative Co-Op products that you have been involved with?
I’m a passionate gardener, so my plants, holiday foliage, and Christmas trees have probably been my favorite collections to date. However, I am loving the new Urban Homestead line with all the vintage farmhouse feels!

Who inspires you?
My sources of inspiration have changed over the years as my styles have changed. I used to paint with a lot of realism and looked toward Old Masters’ work to get inspired. Now, I enjoy scrolling through Instagram to see a lot of new fresh artists. As my work has gotten much looser and lighter, I gravitate towards finding unique color combinations and subject matter.

What medium do you work in?

Today, I mostly work in gouache and acrylics. I’ve changed my art mediums over the years and used to spend a lot of time working in oils and gold leaf.

Do you have any other creative outlets?
I’m not sure if social media constitutes as a creative outlet, but lately I’ve enjoyed posting and sharing stories to my Instagram and Facebook accounts. I think this medium is an extension of my love of graphic design. You can also find me creating one-off projects around my home, such as re-purposing a dead bush from my yard, painting its branches white, and wrapping them around the ceiling light in our entryway. Over the years, I’ve enjoyed sewing, knitting, and traditional mosaic-making (using a hammer and hardie).

What is your favorite meal?
Right now, I’m hooked on my brother’s Eggplant Parmesan recipe. But as someone who enjoys following a plant-based diet, you can pretty much serve me a plate of any fruits and veggies and I will be quite happy. Celery juice and fruit smoothies also make up my daily go-to drinks, along with any herbal teas I infuse from my garden.

What’s your favorite place that you’ve traveled?

We’ve been fortunate to travel quite a bit (over 40 countries) over the years.  And of all the places we’ve visited, there is always an interesting gem that sets each location apart.

Florence, Italy might rise to the top as the most influential when it comes to creative inspiration. Not only does it have a rich history in the arts, but craftsman continue to carry on all the art traditions such as marbleizing paper, gilding, wood carving, and book binding.

Tell us about your studio!

My studio is located in my home which makes working quite convenient! I like to display some of my finished products around my studio, but mostly you will find bins of paints, brushes, pastel pencils, and other creative supplies. I typically spread my sketches, palettes, and any notes for upcoming collections across two large tables that I built with my husband. And of course you can always find my one cat, Theo, sprawled out across the table to watch me paint.

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Featured Artist: Emily Little

Emily Little of Little E Studio is a self-taught mixed media artist based in Nashville, Tennessee. Emily uses layer upon layer of color and texture to create works of intentional joy.

Needing a new creative outlet after leaving her day job and closing her antique booth, Emily took a weekend abstract art class with friends. The class helped Emily overcome her inhibitions because it emphasized expression over perfection. Armed with the knowledge that there are no mistakes, only layers, Emily began painting every day.

Other than weekend class, Emily is primarily self-taught. Her style developed as she experimented with different mediums and applications until she found her niche with acrylic paints and the palette knife. Her fresh palette and unique style have been featured on home decor, gift, and seasonal lines with Creative Co-Op. This successful collaboration has allowed Emily’s bright and happy artwork to grace homes all over the world.

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 How long have you worked with Creative Co-Op?

My first collection came out in 2012. It was all bright and colorful and whimsical. I remember the first product photo I ever got was of a small chest with my birdcage painting on the drawers. My jaw dropped. I was very green. I had no idea what licensing was really about at first, so seeing all the creative applications of my images on wood, metal, ceramic, and fabric just blew my mind. I suddenly realized that behind every rooster on a dish towel is a hard working artist sweating it out in a studio somewhere. I’m just so happy to be one of them!

What are your favorite Creative Co-Op products that you have been involved with?

The large decorative floral papers are definitely my favorite product ever. My original work tends to be very layered and textured, and the tactile nature of these papers captures that aspect of my work. Also, they are ginormous and I love the idea of someone having a huge statement piece of art at an affordable price. The prayer box from my first release, the oversized ornaments from the current Christmas collection, and anything they’ve done on metal is also a favorite. It’s too hard to decide!

I always feel like Tamra and the product development team at Creative are magicians. They just know how to match the right image to the right product in a way that respects the artist and considers the market. It’s so fascinating and fun to watch the process develop from image to showroom.

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Who inspires you?

I am constantly inspired by the other local artists in my community. When you roam the aisles or sit across from talented people all weekend at an art show, you learn so much. And they are so generous with their advice and encouragement. It inspires me to grow and stretch when surrounded by people who excel at what they do in their chosen mediums.

What medium do you work in?

My work is mixed media. I typically use texture mediums, paper, fabric and acrylic paint applied with a palette knife although I’ve been exploring brush and pen work lately.

Do you have any other creative outlets?

Right now, renovating and decorating my house is my other creative outlet. Our former home burned several years ago and it took a couple of years to rebuild, sell, and then move again. We finally feel settled and ready to make this house our home. I’ve been having a blast infusing our home with the same unabashed mix of color, texture and pattern found in my artwork.

 What is your favorite meal?

Fair food. If you sell something in a kiosk, food truck or concession stand, I will buy it and eat it. Things I would never eat normally; I will eat if you sell it out of a truck. It makes no sense.

How does the place that you live/work inspire your creative pursuits?

My studio is in my home on 2.5 wooded acres that back up to a horse farm. When I throw open my studio doors, I see huge evergreen trees with gnarled limbs, rusty wire fences, golden hay bales, blue skies, stacked wood, glossy manes. These varied textures and saturated colors are integral to my work. The studio is definitely the heart of our home. During the day, I am a one-woman show, but once school and work are done, everyone ends up in the studio. We intentionally created a bright and colorful multifunctional space where everyone feels comfortable, including the dog who has claimed the bottom shelf of my paint table as his bed. The peaceful, natural beauty outside my studio and the messy, joy-filled togetherness inside cannot help but infuse my artwork with its signature happiness.


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In the Studio with Kellie Montana

Kellie Montana is free-spirited southern girl with a love for the English countryside. She has been a licensed artist with Creative Co-Op since 2013 and, this spring, contributed a charming collection of jewelry to the most recent Embellish catalog. Take a tour of her vibrant studio and read about what inspires her creative process.

Kellie Montana for Creative Co-Op

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In the Studio with Lori Siebert

Lori Siebert is an endlessly imaginative artist that we at Creative Co-Op have had the pleasure of working with since 2011. She has a knack for mixing materials and patterns with whimsical themes, often inspired by nature, to create truly joyful artwork! Lori kindly shared with us a glimpse of her beautiful studios (yes, two!), along with thoughts on her inspiration and her creative process. If you want to see more of her work, you can find her home decor items here and her jewelry here.

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In the studio with Chad Barrett

Our newest release, Curated Gatherings, features inspired wall art by Georgia based artist Chad Barrett. We love his expressive style and eye for subtle color and composition. Chad graciously took us on a tour of his stunning studio and shared his inspiration and creative process, not to mention his guiltiest food indulgences. We hope you enjoy getting to know Chad as much as we have!

Artist interview with Chad Barrett for Creative Co-Op. Still life in library.

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Recap from Atlanta in the words of Caroline Simas!

Creative Co-Op was fortunate to have one of our newest licensed artists, Caroline Simas, present in our Atlanta Showroom to help promote our new collection – Multiple Blessings.

The Multiple Blessings collection reflects sentiments of faith and uplifting messages to live by, yet comes in a mix of patterns and colors in a way that is bright and right in so many settings.

Don’t just take our word for it, read Caroline’s recap here!

Caroline Simas with Robert Wang at the July 2012 Atlanta Gift Show

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New Spring Line at WILLIAMSBURG Craft House

WILLIAMSBURG Craft House has updated its look for spring. Thanks to a new partnership with Creative Co-Op, the store has a beautiful collection called “A Garden Story.” Store Manager Joanna Heitz and WILLIAMSBURG Product Manager Liza Gusler share the inspiration behind this new line and invite you to come see the spring assortment. Click below to see the exciting YouTube video.

The Garden Story Collection

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