Design Trend: Artisanal Aesthetic

There’s something captivating about pieces that tell a story through their raw beauty. Embrace the artisanal aesthetic.



Made by Hand

Our lovely handmade items are crafted by artisans worldwide, showcasing adept craftsmanship in every detail.



Found Originals

Our found items are sourced globally as original artifacts with limited supply. Each piece adds character and a statement to your store with no two the same.



One of a Kind Treasures

The natural beauty of these unique pieces displays a subtle amount of character, having distinctive variations in each one.


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Home Office Ideas for Every Style!

Since so many of us have been working from home (WFH) lately, we thought it’d be the perfect time to talk about making your home office a little cozier! Whether you usually work remotely or just occasionally need to sit down and finish a project, a home office is a MUST. In this blog post, we’ve put together different items for all of your unique styles! From boho, farmhouse, and modern, we’ve got it all! Check them all out out below:

The Bohemian Home Office

The Boho office needs originality and spunk to really make it pop. Funky prints, effortless furniture and stylish storage make this unique setup perfect for all the Boho lovers! We’ve included a few of our fav statement pieces from this office space below!

This hand-woven wicker and wrought iron chair is perfect for a bohemian office! Both casual and cute, this piece of furniture will be perfect with any desk.

Bringing plants (whether real or fake) into your office is scientifically proven to keep you happier! This faux fiddle fig leaf is perfect for either a floor or table plant.

Gold Mirror DF2302, Butterfly Wall Art DA9259, Basket DA9306, Flower Shelving DA9540, Velvet Lamp DF2538, White Desk DF0275, Blue/White Vases DF1929A, Desk Storage DF1815, Wicker Chair DF3173, Orange/Red Pillow DF2343, Fiddle Leaf Fig Plant DF0911, Orange/Brown Rug DF2427, Metallic Side Table DF1665

The Urban Farmhouse Home Office

It’s no secret that Farmhouse has been in the forefront of design for quite some time now, so why not make your home office match? Pretty neutrals, country sayings, and wood accents can make any home office have the farmhouse look. Some of our favs are below!

A desk is probably the #1 priority when it comes to a home office. This reclaimed wood folding table is perfect for a farmhouse look!

Could there be a more perfect sign for WFH? This statement piece would look perfect hanging on the wall above your desk or on top of it for a daily reminder!

Hey Y’all Pillow DA9904, Ladder DA4989, Planters DA9504, Floor Lamp DF2131, Wicker Basket DA7434, Flower Market Containers DA2847, Metal Storage DA6577, Clock DA7663, Work Hard Wall Art DE6153, Small Vases DA8327, Wooden Desk DA9958, Diamond Rugs DF2447, Chair DF2446, White Pillow DA9843

The Modern Home Office

A modern home office has a clean, distinguished feel. If you’re one that doesn’t like clutter or prefers minimalism, this style is for you. With subtle colors and soft decor pieces, these products will help your home office feel like a million bucks. Some of our must haves are listed below!

This wooden floor lamp is perfect for maximizing desk space! With it’s sleek colors and simplistic design, this will be the perfect addition to your work area.

This desk is another perfect option for an office space. Plus, it’s on sale right now!

Fringe Wall Hanging AH0151, Enjoy Wall Art AH0099, Simple Shelf AH1287, Laboratory Vases AH1126, Round Mirror AH1136, XOXO Pillow DF0582, Black Floor Lamp DF2876, Fuzzy Pillow DA9513, Grey Rug A82042019, Metal Desk DF2104, Chair AH0971


Did you know that we have a sister company, Bloomingville?! For this last office style, we decided to incorporate some of our favorite Bloomingville products.

These simple shelves are perfect for organizing papers, files, or cute decorations! This will help free up space on your desk while simultaneously adding to your decor.

Comfortability is key in WFH! A comfortable chair that fits perfectly into your office space is a must! By sticking to neutrals, you can add as many or as little pops of color that you want.

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Moody Blues in the Chateau Collection

Chateau is a sophisticated, French-vintage inspired collection that is full of beautiful, moody blues!

Lush Textures + Details

Lush velvet, intricate prints, and surprising details combine beautifully for a sophisticated, grounded style. The darker moody blues in Chateau are perfect for the seasonal transition into Autumn and Winter.

Chateau also has dozens of gorgeous vintage style items with distressed finishes, stunning patinas, and graceful details carved, pressed, and molded to add unique textures and finishes for additional depth and interest.

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