Fancy Schmancy Seasoning

Our vibrant F+F Fancy Shmancy Seasoning blends the robust flavors of garlic + onion with the tangy notes of sundried tomato + zesty lemon. Perfectly balanced + full of complex flavors, F+F Fancy Shmancy Seasoning adds a burst of freshness to any dish. This curated blend of spices simply makes every dish a bit more fancy! Use it to enhance your favorite meals, or to create delicious new dishes.

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Kick in the Pants Seasoning

Our F+F Kick in the Pants Seasoning combines the heat of fiery chilies, bold notes of zesty peppercorns, tangy herbs + parmesan cheese. This seasoning adds robust character to any dish, infusing each bite with an unforgettable kick that leaves you craving more!

Sometimes all a dish needs is a little kick. This blend is just that. We can’t call it spicy, but it will send your taste buds jumping. We have not found anything this blend doesn’t work well with!

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Spiced Holiday Seasoning Blend

Warm in scent and taste, our F+F Spiced Holiday Seasoning Blend is the perfect combination of cloves, anise and peppercorns. Great for adding a seasonal touch to any of your favorite dishes. Elevate roasted vegetables or add to your favorite cookie dough for an exquisite holiday fair.

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Curry Powder Blend Seasoning

Our Curry Powder Blend Seasoning is extremely versatile, Leading with notes of roasted garlic, shallots, cumin, turmeric, coriander and fenugreek. This spice blend can be easily added to your already favorite dishes or become the star of the dish, a little flavor goes a long way!

Easy Uses:

  • Add to Greek yogurt for a quick veggie dish
  • Layer in to make your favorite curry pop
  • Use to roast poultry


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Pumpkin Pie Spice Seasoning Blend

Our F+F Pumpkin Pie Spice Seasoning Blend is full of warm autumnal flavors. Packed like allspice, ginger, vanilla and cinnamon. This is the ideal spice to add to any seasonal dish, or a simple beverage for a sweet treat.

Easy Uses:

  • Use in a seasonal latte!
  • Pumpkin bars or cookies
  • Quick yogurt dip


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