Champagne Honey Mustard

Sweet honey and spicy horseradish meet the brightness of champagne in this unique twist on honey mustard. Pair Champagne Honey Mustard with burgers and brats, pasta salad or cheese boards.

  • Add to potato salad
  • Spread on sandwiches, burgers & brats
  • Dip pretzels or sharp cheese
  • Pair with any sweet to medium-bodied oaked white or sparkling wine


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Mesquite Horseradish Mustard

Our Mesquite Horseradish Mustard is a wonderful combination of grainy stone-ground mustard and smokey mesquite with a hint of white wine. It’s a great balance for any sandwich, potato salad, or charcuterie board. Use as is on sandwiches, burgers, and brats, or in your favorite recipe instead of yellow mustard for a smoky, tangy kick.


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