Hot Pepper Jelly

Beautiful in color and sweet with heat! Our Hot Pepper Jelly pairs perfectly with crackers and cream cheese or spread on a biscuit. No matter how you serve it, Hot Pepper Jelly is a hit every time.

Easy Uses:

  • Quickly spread on a sandwich or burger
  • Add to mayo for the perfect french fry dip
  • Spoon on top of tacos
  • Baste onto your favorite grilled meat or veggies


Glazed Pineapple  +  Watermelon 

YIELDS: Approx. 8 Servings

½ cup of F+F Hot Pepper Jelly
1 whole pineapple 
1 whole watermelon 

1.	Add the F+F Hot Pepper Jelly to a small sauce pot and bring to a simmer.
2.	While the jelly is heating up, cut and core your pineapple into either pineapplerounds or 4 inch sticks. Remove the skin and seeds from the watermelon.
3.	Place fruit on grill hot grill. Baste with warmed F+F Hot Pepper Jelly, flipping and basting on all sides, until some color develops. 
4.	Remove from grill and enjoy!
*You may also bake basted fruit in the oven at 400°F, on a lined baking sheet, for 15 minutes, flipping and basting with jelly halfway through cook time.  


Hot Pepper Glazed Bacon

8-12 slices of good bacon 
6 tbsp of F+F Hot Pepper Jelly 

1. 	Preheat oven to 375°F.
2. 	Line a sheet tray with parchment or use a nonstick cooking tray and place bacon on top. Bake for 10 min.
4. 	While bacon cooks, place F+F Hot Pepper Jelly in a small bowl and 	microwave for 30 seconds to one minute, until warm and more pliable. 
5. 	Remove bacon and brush with the warmed F+F Hot Pepper Jelly. 
6. 	Let cool, but eat while still warm.


Maple Roasted Squash with Feta and Hot Pepper Jelly

YIELDS: 4 servings 

1 small butternut squash 
4 TBSP of F+F Vermont Maple Syrup 
Salt and pepper to taste
1 TSP of chopped rosemary 
1 TSP of Chili flakes (optional)
4 TBSP of F+F Hot Pepper Jelly
4 TBSP of crumbled feta 
4 TBSP of toasted pepitas 
Olive oil as needed 

1.	Begin by removing the skin of your butternut squash or pumpkin. Dice into medium pieces and place into a mixing bowl. 
2.	Toss your cut up squash with 1–2 TSP of cooking oil, F+F Vermont Maple Syrup, salt, pepper, rosemary, and chili flakes.
3.	Add the dressed squash to a lined sheet tray, and bake at 375°F for 20 minutes. Remove from oven.
4.	Melt the F+F Hot Pepper Jelly in the microwave for one minute. Pour jelly over baked squash, and return it to the oven to bake for another 10-15 minutes, or until soft. 
5.	Remove from the oven, plate, then top with feta, and more jelly if needed. Finish with pepitas.


Hot Pepper Glazed Salmon

8oz Salmon filet
2 TBL Soy sauce 
5 diced Green onions 
¼ cup Hot pepper jelly
Salt + pepper to taste

1.	Trim salmon into two 4oz filet pieces.
2.	Line a sheet tray with parchment paper or foil and place salmon filets on top.
3.	Whisk soy and hot pepper jelly together, reserving a bit to top at the end.
4.	Baste salmon in pepper jelly and season with salt and pepper. 
5.	Bake at 325 for 15-20 minutes depending on desired doneness of fish.
6.	While fish cooks, chop up green onions.
7.	Once out of the oven, top with more hot pepper jelly if needed and chopped 
	green onions.
8.	Serve over rice, cous-cous, etc!


Hot Pepper Goat Cheese Dip

10oz Quality goat cheese 
4 oz softened cream cheese
¼ cup whole Milk 
2 Garlic Cloves 
3 sprigs of picked thyme 
1/2cup  pepper jelly 
6 chopped up green onions
Toasted Baguette for serving 

1.	Preheat oven to 350 degrees.
2.	Soften cream cheese, and goat cheese. Mix together by hand or in a stand mixer 
	until evenly incorporated.
3.	Slowly add in the milk, garlic,  and chopped thyme.
4.	Bake at 350 for 10-25 minutes until slightly bubbly, top with pepper jam and scallions.
5.	Serve with a baguette, cucumbers, radish, etc! 


Roasted Root Vegetables

5-10 Radishes 
3-5 Carrots 
1-2 Leeks 
1-2 Fennel bulbs 

½ cup F+F Champagne Honey Mustard 
¼ cup F+F Hot Pepper Jelly 
¼ cup Olive Oil 
2 cloves garlic 

1.	Whisk together dressing for roasted vegetables, grating or chopping the 2 cloves of garlic.
2.	Cut up all root vegetables, peeling and keeping sizes mainly the same so they cook in the same 
	amount of time
3.	Toss in half of the mustard dressing and roast at 375º for 20-35 minutes.
4.	Remove from oven once done and drizzle over additional dressing


Spicy Baked Brie With Roasted Pears

1 sheet of puff pastry sheet 
1 8oz round Brie 
¼ cup chopped Walnuts 
3 sprigs of picked Thyme 
3 sprigs of Rosemary chopped 
¼ cup Brown sugar 
½ Pears Sliced 
2TBL Maple syrup 
¼ - ½ cup Cranberry walnut jam 

For topping:
2 Egg yolks (for topping)
3 TBL demerara sugar (for topping) 

1.	Let the frozen puff pastry dethaw if frozen so it’s bendable and unfrozen but not too soft to work with. 
2.	Chop up walnuts, rosemary, thyme, pears, set aside to layer on top of brie when ready. 
3.	Trim the top and bottom of the brie round, just enough to expose the cheese and remove skin.
4.	Lay out your puff pastry and place brie centered on top of dough. Layer chopped walnuts, herb mixture, 
	maple syrup, and brown sugar on top of brie. It is OK if things fall around the edges as we will be folding up to
5.	Place sliced pears on top and top with cranberry walnut relish. Fold puff pastry edges around the cheese 
	mixture so it is all fully encompassed like an envelope. 
6.	Brush the folded puff pastry with egg yolk and top with demerara sugar. 
7.	Bake at 350 for 20-25 minutes until golden brown.
8.	Serve with crackers and bread, top with more hot pepper jam if desired and enjoy!

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