Ginger Scallion Everything Sauce

Our Ginger Scallion Everything Sauce is one of the necessities in your fridge. Ginger and scallions combined with tamari and sherry vinegar make a sauce perfect for any dish. Stir into a bowl of lo mein or rice noodles, use as a dressing or marinade, or top your morning eggs. Light, versatile sauce good for use on meat, egg, and vegetable dishes


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Champagne Honey Mustard

Sweet honey and spicy horseradish meet the brightness of champagne in this unique twist on honey mustard. Pair Champagne Honey Mustard with burgers and brats, pasta salad or cheese boards.

  • Add to potato salad
  • Spread on sandwiches, burgers & brats
  • Dip pretzels or sharp cheese
  • Pair with any sweet to medium-bodied oaked white or sparkling wine


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Mesquite Horseradish Mustard

Our Mesquite Horseradish Mustard is a wonderful combination of grainy stone-ground mustard and smokey mesquite with a hint of white wine. It’s a great balance for any sandwich, potato salad, or charcuterie board. Use as is on sandwiches, burgers, and brats, or in your favorite recipe instead of yellow mustard for a smoky, tangy kick.


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Triple Berry Jam

The combination of plump strawberries, sweet blueberries, and tart raspberries are a classic flavor combination in our Triple Berry Jam. Enjoy this delightful spread on your breakfast or dessert.

  • Top ice cream, waffles, pancakes or cheesecake
  • Top grilled chicken or pork
  • Mix with lemon parfait
  • Add to scones
  • Mix into peach pie


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Smoked Tomato Truffle Jam

Smoked Tomato Truffle Jam started with a traditional German recipe. It has transformed into a more modern, elevated spread. Perfect on a charcuterie and cheese tray, or use it in place of ketchup on any sandwich or as a relish on hotdogs. The combination of buttery truffle, tomatoes, and a hint of smoke will make any cheese board the talk of the party!


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Amaretto Peach + Pecan Preserves

Sweet peaches, mixed with the subtle taste of almond and crunchy pecans make for an unexpected treat in Amaretto Peach+ Pecan Preserves. Ready to eat or use in recipes to add sweet freshness and a bit of crunch. Drizzle it on pancakes or warm for an ice cream topping.


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Seville Orange + Fennel Preserves

In a twist on classic marmalades, Seville Orange + Fennel Preserves combines sour Seville oranges and sugar with fresh fennel bulb. Brighten up your charcuterie board with this citrusy spread or try it on top of grilled chicken or pork. Ready to eat or use in recipes to add brightness to dishes.


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