Everything Bagel Seasoning

Our Everything Bagel Seasoning blend features an iconic blend of poppy seeds, sesame seeds, onion flakes, caraway seeds, garlic flakes and coarse salt.

  • Crunchy, fragrant and packed with savory flavor
  • Try as a topper for avocado toast, pizza, popcorn, corn on the cob, baked potatoes and sweet and savory baked goods of all types
  • Ready to use. Add to taste.
  • Make any bagel into a classic Everything Bagel
  • Try as a topper for avocado toast, pizza or popcorn
  • Sprinkle corn on the cob, potatoes or baked goods


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Earthy Seasoning

Earthy Seasoning is a carefully crafted blend of finely chopped mushrooms, aromatic vegetables and herbs. It is specifically created to naturally enhance the savory flavor of your favorite foods.

  • Finely ground powder
  • Unique blend of savory ingredients, including umami-rich mushrooms, garlic, and tomato
  • Naturally gluten free
  • Ready to use. Add to taste.
  • Sprinkle on grilled or roasted meats before serving
  • Add extra richness to soups or stews
  • Delicious on grilled fish and poultry
  • Use to enhance savory flavors in burgers or sausages


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Lemon Pepper Seasoning

Lemon Pepper Seasoning strikes a delicious balance between two bold flavors: ground black pepper and bright, zesty lemon.

  • Bright yellow with specks of ground black pepper
  • Powdered seasoning
  • Salty, tart lemon flavor with slight peppery bite
  • Ready to use. Add to taste.
  • Use as a dry rub or marinade for meat or fish
  • Add to seafood boil broth or soups
  • Season quick sautéed or stir-fried vegetables


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Moroccan Seasoning

Chermoula (pronounced “cher-MOO-lah”) is a marinade and sauce popular throughout northern Africa, especially Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia. Our Moroccan Seasoning recreates Chermoula sauce’s complex flavors in a convenient dry form.

  • Finely ground, hand-blended seasoning
  • Balanced blend of salt, herbs, spices, ground chiles and other seasonings inspired by the flavors of northern Africa
  • Ready to use as-is as a dry rub
  • Ready to use. Add to taste.
  • Use on grilled seafood, meat, or poultry
  • Add to ground lamb to make kabobs or burgers
  • Blend into Greek yogurt to marinate or chicken
  • Season scone, biscuit, or cracker dough


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Basque Seasoning

Created to evoke the warm Mediterranean sun of the Basque region of Spain, our Basque Seasoning is a blend of sun-dried tomato powder, smoked paprika and other flavorful herbs and spices.

  • Hand-blended by our own chefs
  • Balances the sweet, warm flavor of sun-dried tomatoes with zesty paprika, onion powder and other savory seasonings
  • Ground to a fine powder
  • Naturally gluten free
  • Ready to use. Add to taste.
  • Use as a dry rub for poultry or beef before grilling
  • Add to roast poultry for a warm, summery dish
  • Provides a fabulous finish to fried or grilled fish
  • Season potatoes and roasted root vegetables


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Harissa Spice Blend

Harissa is a hot chile paste ubiquitous in North African cuisine and made from a variety of spicy chiles. Harissa Spice Blend captures the bold, smoky flavor of the classic sauce using an all-natural blend of fiery chiles, garlic, tomato, and warm spices.

  • Hot, spicy flavor of chiles with a complex array of savory spices
  • Coarsely ground and crushed spices
  • Deep, rusty red color
  • Ready to use. Add to taste.
  • Create a bold, spicy rub for roasted meats
  • Add to olive oil and garlic for a classic condiment
  • Use to flavor soups, stews, and salads


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Truffle Parmesan + Black Garlic Seasoning

Our Truffle Parmesan + Black Garlic Seasoning is a rich seasoning blend which combines the potent, savory flavors of truffles and black garlic with the salty tang of Parmesan cheese.

  • Artful blend of umami-rich ingredients
  • Super-savory seasoning elevates simple dishes and elaborate recipes alike
  • Fine white powder with flecks and flakes of black garlic and dried truffles
  • Naturally gluten free
  • Ready to use. Add to taste.
  • Heighten umami-rich foods such as roasted meats
  • Toss with freshly fried or roasted potatoes
  • Use to crust meats or seafood before grilling
  • Add richness to risotto or pasta dishes

High-quality black truffle salt provides a base of umami-rich flavor to this blend. The mellow, round mushroom-notes of the truffles are heightened with the taste of natural sea salt.

The black garlic brings in a slightly sweet but clearly savory note with its own unique tang. Black garlic is a traditional preparation important to many Asian cuisines, made by fermenting fresh garlic cloves. The enzymes active through the fermentation process tone down some of the garlic’s harsh or acrid notes and creates deep, some say almost bitter chocolate-like flavors that plays incredibly well with the layers of truffle and parmesan cheese. Black garlic is maybe best described as being deeply, thoroughly caramelized garlic.

The Parmesan cheese adds its own nutty, slightly salty flavor to the blend. It’s a key element in balancing the interplay of the savory truffle flavors with the almost sweet black garlic.


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Dukkah Spice Blend

Dukkah (sometimes spelled “Duqqa”) is a blend of ground roasted nuts, seeds, and spices, traditionally used as a seasoning blend in Middle Eastern cuisine.

  • Crunchy blend of nuts and seeds
  • Round nut flavors balanced with a hint of heat and salt
  • Slightly acidic, tart from sumac and other spices
  • Ready to use. Add to taste.
  • Stir into dips and spreads served with crudité
  • Brush flat bread with oil and top with Dukkah
  • Stir into pastas, couscous, rice, or beans
  • Season roasted vegetables, poultry or meats


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Mediterranean Spice Blend

This handcrafted Mediterranean Spice Blend showcases the flavors of the region. We blended a coarse, flavorful medley of butcher-cut black peppercorns, sea salt, garlic, Aleppo chile and Mediterranean oregano.

  • Zesty, herbaceous flavor
  • Coarsely ground and crushed multicolored spices
  • Contains mustard
  • Ready to use. Add as needed.
  • Season lamb, chicken, or beef before grilling
  • Combine with oil and lemon juice for a marinade
  • Use for focaccia, stuffed peppers, or potatoes
  • Combine with oil and vinegar for a vinaigrett


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