Notes From the Road, Winter 2011


It’s been a whirlwind two months so far this year, shows were joyfully busy! We keep thinking how it can get any busier in these showrooms and our customers keep showing us that it is indeed possible! How lucky are we? Our customers are simply the best! The business of each show season takes patience on our customers’ part as it is truly a “jungle” inside the showrooms at times and yet our customers come and work through the crowds. We all need to keep that spirit of gratitude and excitement in each and every day! Thank you to everyone for all of the hard work that goes into our show season! As hard as it was to leave the jungle of the shows this year, it just had to be done as the road was calling…off to Paris.

Tamra and Robert Wang on the streets of the Marias.

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Notes From the Road, Fall 2010

I’m asked frequently “What trends do you see coming? What’s in, what’s out? What inspired you? I’m asked so often that I now ask myself that question regularly so that I’m prepared with a halfway intelligent sounding answer – But recently I’ve had a hard time answering myself. Rewind a year ago, two years ago – I had good clear answers! So what is wrong with me now that I can’t answer? I spent a rainy day trying to calm down and relax, and I found that indeed I had reasons, influences and trends. They just happen to be different than they used to be, and they seem so slight that I find it hard to bring myself to say they are trends – but they are as real as the desire for a butterfly or lodge inspired home once was.

DE4851A - 24"L Embroidered Fabric Pillow, 2 Styles DE6162 - 40"L x 20-1/2"W x 12"H MDF Trunk w/ Floral Print, Truck Ship ©

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